Designing for Uninterrupted Shopping

Uninterrupted shopping makes for a fantastic shopping experience. 

However, online stores need to engage with shoppers to find out more about their requirements to serve them better and to save the lead information for future contact. 

Unfortunately, conventional methods of getting this information, such as those listed below, result in interrupting the shopping experience.

  • Home page popups that offer benefits for sign ups or newsletter registration
  • Side bar icons (often without text labels) that expand on mouse overs
  • Chat windows that automatically open up without user triggers

How can store owners deal with this ?

  1. Use analytics to measure engagement rate on these website elements
  2. Publish an explicit “Offers” link in the menu
  3. A/B test banners to measure engagement
  4. Use text labels in addition to icons for all help elements
  5. All help elements should be easy to find at any point in the online shopping journey
  6. Trigger on click rather than trigger on mouse-over
  7. Edit tone of communication on help elements to be more affable
  8. Analyze help requests over a period of time and optimize content and workflows
  9. A neatly designed wish list  with a simple & easy registration process


Finding the right time to nudge the shopper to share contact information is the name of the game.

By providing uninterrupted (and a very good) shopper experience with readily accessible support, stores are likely to earn goodwill from shoppers and a higher probability to convert.

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