Enhancing Shopper Xperience with Wishlists

The “wish list” is a very powerful tool for online stores to engage and convert shoppers.

Often indicated as a “like / heart” symbol on product images in the catalog, they are also referred to as bookmarks or shortlists in some categories of e-stores.

Shoppers love wish lists. Here are the top reasons why !

  1. Adding to wish list is a lot less pressure and more fun
  2. Narrow down choices for buying
  3. Save your preferences for a later session
  4. Compare and analyze multiple choices
  5. Share with social circles for feedback

How can online stores improve SX with wish-lists ?

  1. Make the user sign up for creating wish lists as easy as possible
  2. Provide updates if other customers leave a review or testimonial on the wish list products
  3. Notify shopper if wish list products are near out of stock
  4. Notify shopper if there is a price update or offer on the wish list products
  5. Enable shoppers to share their wish-lists
  6. Enable shoppers to quickly access wish-lists in the menu and home page
  7. Enable shoppers to add/edit their personal notes or comments on wish-lists

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