Selling Wardrobes Online: Attributes and Filters

Selling wardrobes online is highly challenging and requires a high degree of shopper engagement. 

Most often, shoppers have a fair understanding of what they want to store in the wardrobe and where in the house they want to keep it.

If sellers are able to engage the shoppers and ascertain those requirements, they would be able to present the the right set of products in their inventory and/or design a bespoke wardrobe for such shoppers.

It is essential to understand the terminologies used by the shoppers and correlate it with the the terminologies used by the store. E.g. Kitchen Cabinet vs Kitchen Wardrobe vs Cupboards etc.

While shopping for wardrobes, shoppers look for the right combination of the following.

  • Budget
  • Configuration and size 
  • Durability for long-term use
  • Style

Providing the right values for the product attributes and enabling shoppers to narrow down their product search using those attributes significantly enriches their shopping experience and accelerates sales.

Listing of attributes alone is not sufficient. Sellers need to communicate the benefits accrued due to those attributes without resorting to adjective overdose or linguistic fluff.

In such categories, the more you educate your shoppers, the more likely they are to shop from you.

Providing good photographs of all the different views of the wardrobe, showcasing all the dimensions (outer and inner) and storage options available accelerates shopper decision making.

Wardrobe Attributes for Search Filters

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