SX: Menu Design

A shopper’s ability to easily navigate through your website, explore various categories and products in them and find the product of their choice forms the crux of ecommerce shopper experience.

In this context, the menu, search, filters on search results are important elements that require thoughtful design for a seamless shopping journey.

Menu Design Guidelines

  • Shoppers should be able to quickly and easily find both product and non-product related information from the menu.
  • Based on the volume of information, menus can be designed either hierarchically or as a mega menu matrix. 
  • There can be multiple menus – primary and secondary which can be further customized based on product classification.
  • When listing proprietary names as your collection name, provide a simple description of what the collection is about, to help shoppers identify relevance to their search.
  • Providing images in the menu enhances shopper experience and helps them move forward in their shopping journey.

Typical Menu Contents

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