Selling Office Chairs Online: Attributes and Filters

As more people work from home due to COVID, the demand for WFH  furniture has shot through the roof.  This has given rise to an increasing number of online sellers of such furniture. 

WFH furniture is an high involvement purchases.  In addition to design, shoppers look for the right combination of budget, comfort and durable, long-term use. 

Providing the right values for the product attributes and enabling shoppers to narrow down their product search using those attributes significantly enriches their shopping experience and accelerates sales.

Listing of attributes alone is not sufficient. Sellers need to communicate the benefits accrued due to those attributes without resorting to adjective overdose or linguistic fluff.

In such categories, the more you educate your shoppers, the more likely they are to shop from you.

In addition to providing dimensions in inches/cm etc., it would help if sellers can communicate the fitment of the product for different body types.

Attributes for Search Filters

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